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"In 1950 JewishCare helped me to migrate to Australia and gave me the opportunity to have a great life here. Then 5 years ago when my wife died JewishCare was there again for me.  You never know when you may need help and I am very thankful to JewishCare"

Jacob Binstok

"JewishCare sent a lovely occupational therapist who has made my house safe.  Weekly visits from JewishCare's home support staff enable me to stay here."

Livia Erdos

"As I can't go out by myself, I am so appreciative of JewishCare's staff who help me to appointments and especially the Russian speaking worker who takes me to the beach or the park each week. That is so important to me"

Anna Soroka

"We are a busy family and just knowing JewishCare is there for my mother-in-law helps us all"

Tatyana Soroka

"As our needs have increased so has JewishCare's help.  Without JewishCare's wonderful caring staff we would be in a home for the aged for sure."

Charles Solomon

"I don't know what we would do without JewishCare.  They are so caring and efficient as well as being flexible."

Stella Wolfgang's daughter Maryla