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Family to Family Respite 

The program provides regular planned short term respite care for Jewish children aged 0-16 years with another Jewish volunteer family.
The program helps in situations where children are at risk due to factors including

  • Families experiencing loss or disruption or illness or feeling isolated
  • Parents who are having difficulties managing children
  • Families involved in a situation of child abuse or domestic violence

The program provides a positive link for a family with another Jewish family in the community. It also provides a different experience of family and relationships for children who may have had many difficulties in their own family.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between JewishCare and The Benevolent Society has been established to help  Jewish children who require out-of-home care are able to be placed with a Jewish family

As part of the MOU The Benevolent Society will provide information and conduct training for potential Jewish foster carers as well as assisting JewishCare to assess the appropriateness of applicants who have expressed the desire to be part of various foster care related programs.

JewishCare also has an MOU with Connecting Carers NSW to provide out of home care, including foster carers, kinship carers and respite carers to those in the Jewish community. The carers’ support group meets once per month at 3 Saber Street.

If you want to know how you can make a substantial difference to a child in the community contact Charmaine on 9302 8000 or c.silove@jewishcare.com.au